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Building Sustainable and Resilient Communities Workshop Forum + Workshop

IdeasXChange’s first 2016 workshop was constructed upon the words “resilient”, “sustainable” and “community”, presenting the importance of knowledge translation through collaborative learning and productive conversations. The ‘Building Sustainable and Resilient Communities’ workshop on February 11th was facilitated by three graduate students from the UBC’s School of Community and Regional Planning: Maria Trujillo, Aaron Lau…

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An evening with Peter Klein – Emmy-award journalist and former producer of CBS 60 Minutes

On January 28, 2016, IDX hosted a special talk by Peter Klein, an Emmy-Award journalist. His 2010 class’ Frontline/WORLD documentary investigating the international electronic waste trade, earned him the Emmy for Best Investigative Newsmagazine.

Mr. Klein is also a former producer of CBS News 60 Minutes, and is now growing the IRP into a major non-profit Global Reporting Centre, which produces major works of journalism on under-covered issues around the world.

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Corporate Social Responsibility Panel + Workshop

Is it possible for a company to add value to society and still make profits without harming the environment?

Is it enough to let governments and NGOs take care of the environmental and social issues prevalent in the world today and let businesses escape corporate responsibility?

And if it isn’t, to what extent should businesses and people be held responsible for the damage they cause?

In this forum, IdeasXChange engaged 30 UBC students and faculty, practitioners and community members in a panel and discussion on corporate social responsibility.

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International Aid Panel + Interaction Workshop

IdeasXChange hosted an interactive workshop on the changing face of international development – one that focuses on encouraging local talent to find solutions to poverty  instead of traditional aid-giving models established by Western countries.

Over 40 participants ranging from UBC students and faculty, practitioners, and community members joined pioneers and practitioners in the field of international development. The discussion focused on moving towards more sustainable models to tackle poverty by supporting local entrepreneurship and talent.

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Ecological Economics Panel Discussion + Workshop

IdeasXChange convened over 50 participants – ranging from UBC students and faculty, practitioners and community members with some of Vancouver’s most known ecological economists for a discussion on how to move towards more sustainable models to drive the economy.

As the discussion around the environment increases, some economists and scholars are challenging the very foundations of economic models created to distribute resources. They are doing this through a new discipline called ecological economics.

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News from the UBC Community and Beyond

Campus Innovator Interview with Mohammad Asadi Lari

Recently, Priscilla Ng, the Editor-in-Chief of IdeasXChange had the opportunity to talk to Mohammad Asadi Lari, a third-year Honours Physiology student who is involved primarily in research and youth engagement. His passion in facilitating an innovative, sustainable, and paradigm-shifting discussion in STEM research and data education prompted him to be involved in various organizations in…

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Women’s Empowerment and Food Security in Rural South Africa: A Virtual Sit-Down with Dr. Elizabeth Vibert

Profile Recently, IdeasXchange published an editorial about food security that broke down the concept of food security and made linkages not only between agriculture and climate change, but also between developing countries and wealthy countries like Canada. Today, I virtually sat down with Dr. Elizabeth Vibert, an Associate Professor in the University of Victoria’s History…

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