Our Work

Since 2015, IdeasXChange has mobilized 1,500+ youth and community members to raise awareness on pressing local and global challenges while fostering spaces for dialogue, critical thinking, ideation, and action. We embrace interdisciplinary + collaborative learning and a systems change approach to our projects.

Our forums feature seminar-style gatherings with industry experts followed by interactive learning workshops, where we challenge participants to discuss and ideate new realities to a variety of socio-economic and environmental issues.

We have moderated 20 panel discussions with 60+ Canadian leaders from a variety of fields, ranging from social impact, policy, business, advocacy, among many others. For the past two years we have also hosted an annual case competition aimed at solving a social problem.

Stay tuned for updates as we will be launching our mentorship program in 2020!

Upcoming Events

Zero Waste Cities – Case Competition

This case competition will challenge students to design a city that is meant to be zero-waste by design. Learn more

2018 Events

Healthcare of Tomorrow: The Future of Communities and Technology

This forum discusses the future of technologies in medicine and the ethical concerns that accompany them. Learn more

Education 4.0: Globalization and Technology

This forum discusses the emerging technologies in education, and the implications when they are introduced to future students. Learn more

Play4Change: A Playwriting Competition

Play4Change is a 24-hour playwriting competition that challenges attending playwriters to explore six pressing global issues through threatre and art. Learn more

InnoHacks: The Inclusive Innovation Case Competition

InnoHacks is a 10-hour product development case competition that convened youth and students from a wide range of disciplines to come up with scalable solutions to pressing socio-economic and environmental issues using the principles of social innovation. Learn more

Bridging Barriers: A Discussion on Evidence-based Policy

Bridging Barriers is an interdisciplinary discussion to deconstruct and devise solutions to address this challenge in public policy making. Learn more

2017 Events

The Psychology of Climate Change: Making the Case for Sustainability

This forum is a discussion on the psychology of climate change – deconstructing complex questions surrounding  climate action, prosocial consumption and social marketing. A panel of field experts joined the discussion. Learn more

Building Sustainable Communities: Taking Action

This forum is a discussion on how community organizations have approached sustainability in Vancouver, and how our mostly-youth audience could join that journey. We were joined by a renowned panel of speakers and facilitators from a variety of community organizations. Learn more

UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) Youth Training

This event is a partnershipwith the Foundation for Environmental Stewardship to bring SDG Youth Training to students in the Lower Mainland. Learn more

Happiness: The Urban Lens

This forum is an interdisciplinary discussion with a special focus on students, youth, and civic engagement. Learn more

Local or Global: The Impact of Purchasing Power

This forum is a discussion to investigate and raise awareness on how our choices can impact local communities and businesses, and how we can instigate change by considering who we support through our consumer choices. Learn more

The Innovative Society: Catalyzing Change

This forum is an interactive discussion on innovation in society and how ordinary folks can do be a catalyst for change. This event also took place in partnership with the UBC Social Enterprise Club. Learn more

2016 Events

Sustainability Forum: Micro and Macro Solutions

This forum features two set of panels and interactive workshops on micro and macro approaches to sustainability. It was the flagship event of 2016 featuring a wide range of field experts and a large audience. Learn more

Changing Landscapes in the Middle East

On March 10, 2016, IDX is a discussion on perspectives and stories on the conflicts taking place in the Middle East, particularly in Syria. Learn more

Interdisciplinary Solutions to International Development

This workshop discusses interdisciplinary solutions and how they are key to achieving effective international development. Learn more

Building Sustainable and Resilient Communities

This is an interactive workshop with some of Vancouver’s most accomplished community leaders and visionaries on building strong communities. Learn more

Meet & Greet Evening with Peter Klein

This event is a special talk by Peter Klein, an Emmy-Award journalist. Learn more

2015 Events

Green Tech & the Green Economy

IdeasXChange’s final workshop of 2015 discusses technologies and the way we mobilize human activities will also allow for development to occur in a more responsible manner. Learn More

Redefining International Aid Workshop

This workshop is a discussion on supporting international development by supporting sustainable models and local talent. Learn more

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Workshop

On March 24, 2015, IdeasXChange fielded a panel for a discussion on corporate social responsibility from the local, national and international perspective, along with views on best practices to achieve sustainability at home and accountability for corporate behaviour at the international scale. Learn more

Ecological Economics Workshop

This workshop explores alternative views on how to achieve economic prosperity while being mindful of planetary boundaries. Learn more

Social Sustainability Workshop

IdeasXChange’s inaugural panel and workshop focused on the theme of social sustainability featuring the following community leaders. The panel was followed by an interactive and action-oriented workshop on empowering marginalized groups. Learn more