The Psychology of Climate Change: Making the Case for Sustainability

How can civil society, companies, and interest groups effectively compel individuals to be sustainable and ethical in their consumer choices?

On November 15, 2017, IdeasXChange hosted a discussion on the psychology of climate change—deconstructing complex questions surrounding climate action, prosocial consumption and social marketing. A panel of field experts joined the discussion.

IDX executive members along with two of the aforementioned panel members were later interviewed by Roundhous Radio 98.3 FM by Don Shafer, CEO and programming director and host of the show Impact.

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Stephen Sheppard

Assistant Professor, UBC Forestry

Climate Change Action. Dialogue and Engagement


Katherine White

Professor, UBC Sauder School of Business

Katherine White is a leading expert on prosocial consumption and social marketing


Ivana Zelenika

Researcher, IRES

Ivana Zelenika is a PhD candidate at UBC Psychology and currently working at the IRES. The main focus of her research is on what motivated pro-environmental behavioural change.