InnoHacks: The Inclusive Innovation Case Competition

How do we make learning tools accessible to all? How can we ensure food security for vulnerable populations? Can we make medical treatments more affordable and attainable? Science and technology is progressing rapidly, but it has not benefited everyone equally. There are often a socio-economic barriers that makes products and services inaccessible to a broader population.

On March 17, 2018, IdeasXChange hosted InnoHacks—a 10-hour product development case competition that convened youth and students from a wide range of disciplines to come up with scalable solutions to pressing socio-economic and environmental issues using the principles of social innovation.

A team of mentors and judges from the social impact space guided participants through the problem framing and ideation stages, culminating with a top award that was granted a spot at the AMS eHub



Sujatha Ramdorai

Canada Research Chair, UBC

Sujathai Ramdorai is currently the Canada Research Chair at UBC and also a member of India’s National Innovation Council. Previously, she also worked with IC-IMPACTS, an organization founded to accelerate community transformation through multidisciplinary partnerships between India and Canada.


Mark Roseland

Director, SFU Centre for Sustainable Development

Mark Roseland is currently the Director of the Centre for Sustainable Development, and previous Chief City Planner for a municipality in metropolitan Vancouver. He is also a founding member of the SFU Community Trust’s Board of Directors, responsible for the award-winning UniverCity sustainable community development project.


Jana Svedova

Director, Sauder S3i

Jana Svedova is currently the Director at the Centre for Social Development and Impact Investing (Sauder S3i) at UBC. In the past, Jana has co-founded Synergy Social Ventures, a San Francisco and Hong Kong based non-profit that supports early stage social ventures in Southeast Asia. She has provided advisory and capacity building support to entrepreneurs and worked with policymakers on developing strategies to support the development of the social venture sector.


Alisha Maxfield

Manager of Community Engagement, Best Buy Canada

Alisha Maxfield is the Manager of Community Engagement at Buy Social Canada. Currently working to develop a social procurement roundtable in the Downtown Eastside, she is also a part of the Community Economic Development Strategic Action Committee (CEDSAC), which operates in the same area.


Will Jung

Founder, Bokoeco Partners

Will Jung is the founder of Bokoeco Partners, company that reduces consumer footprint using upcycled waste products and packaging. Bokoeco also sells Probiotic based products to reduce noxious odours and flies in the hospitality industry. He is a strong advocate for the rights and lives of people with barriers to employment.


Joey Limmena

Co-founder, Gravit8

Joey Limmena is the Co-founder of Gravit8, and a fourth-year mechatronics student. He is also an entrepreneur who started his career early in life, and continues to delve into the world of start-ups and social impact. He has relevant experience in business development and launching products, and has founded Gravit8, a company that helps schools collaborate with students on their career goals.