Redefining International Aid Workshop

Being mindful of unique locational issues is key for international aid to be sustainable. Re-igniting otherwise stagnant economies by working in partnership with local communities and local actors as opposed to traditional aid models are the future.

On March 31, 2015, IDX hosted a discussion on supporting international development by supporting sustainable models and local talent.


Jeff Kroeker

Director, UBC Sauder Arc Initiative

Jeff Kroeker is the Head of the Arc Initiative by the Sauder School of Business, an initiative seeks to build a bridge, to facilitate the exchange of knowledge and business skills. He has a BA from Trinity Western and an MBA from Queen’s University.


Aklilu Mulat

Adjunct Professor, UBC Sauder School of Business

Born in Ethiopia, Aklilu Mulat came to Canada in 1979. With over 20 years serving with various not-for-profit organizations, Aklilu has experience conducting internal audits of field operations in Canada and overseas. He was also part of a group which developed the evaluation criteria for not-for-profit organizations funded by CIDA.


Barry Thorsness

Founder, Touch and Feel Africa

Barry Thorsness is the founder of Touch and Feel Africa, an NGO providing education for children in Malawi, helping to finance business school for a number of its pupils and a believer in fostering local entrepreneurship and local talent. TAFA’s directors are based in Malawi and are involved in supporting an array of projects from rice/maize plots to a sausage making business.