Local or Global: The Impact of Purchasing Power

An interactive discussion with students, community leaders and professionals to discuss the impact of our purchasing power.

On February 8, 2017, IdeasXChange hosted an interactive discussion on innovation in society and how ordinary folks can do be a catalyst for change.

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Alisha Maxfield

Manager of Community Engagement, Best Buy Canada

Alisha Maxfield is the Manager of Community Engagement at Buy Social Canada. Currently working to develop a social procurement roundtable in the Downtown Eastside, she is also a part of the Community Economic Development Strategic Action Committee (CEDSAC), which operates in the same area.


Sonny Wong

Founder, Board of Change

Sonny Wong is an award-winning marketer, creative director and entrepreneur with business interests that span marketing/media, sustainability, and social innovation. He is the founder of the Board of Change.


Will Jung

Founder, Bokoeco Partners

Will Jung is the founder of Bokoeco Partners, company that reduces consumer footprint using upcycled waste products and packaging. Bokoeco also sells Probiotic based products to reduce noxious odours and flies in the hospitality industry. He is a strong advocate for the rights and lives of people with barriers to employment.