2017 IdeasXChange Writing Contest

The first-ever Writing Contest from IdeasXChange wrapped up in April 2017, where the IdeasXChange team and I worked together to materialize, promote and wrap-up this extremely rewarding initiative. With the help of the Global Fund allocated to promotion and the post-contest videography, the 2017 IdeasXChange Writing Contest had received a total of 10 submissions, in which a winner and two runner-ups were selected through a rigorous reviewing session. Our goal in launching this writing contest stems from three main thoughts:

  1. to give students the opportunity to publish high quality essays written for their courses onto our online platform, with full credit and recognition
  2. an inclusive and interdisciplinary environment where students can gain and build journalism and editorial experience, and
  3. promote an online think tank with multifaceted perspectives from students in tackling questions and issues in sustainability, innovation, and development around the world

With the help of the Global Fund, our videographer friends Blake Sebastian and Amanda Siebert, all of the students and writers that have submitted this year, and last but not least, the IdeasXChange team, we had materialized this long-term project of facilitating an innovative and interdisciplinary discussion on global issues. We hope that this initiative can encourage more students to write and document their thought-provoking and innovative solutions, as well as become open-minded towards the ideas of others, so that the learning process can continue on.

The prize winners of the 2017 IdeasXChange Writing Contest are as follows:

First Place

Patrick Wilkie, Ecological Take-Away Coffee: Resource-Efficiency by Design

Patrick’s submission proposed the idea of implementing a “Vancouver-wide mug share”, with numerous benefits such as saving money, staying environmentally friendly while enjoying a daily cup of coffee, and generating a sustainable system that creates profit for local communities.

Second Place

Sean Celi, Finding a New Business Model for Digital Journalism in the Modern Era

Sean’s submission dives into evaluating the effectiveness of digital journalism from the point of view of an Economics’ major. He points out the difficulties of media agencies and companies to balance profit and delivery, and provides five innovative solutions in tackling these challenges.

Third Place

Matthew Gaiser, To Protect the Environment in Developing Countries, Conservationists Should Think Like Capitalists

Matthew’s submission looks at conservation and activism around the world, exploring how habits and human behavior dictate activism and the ways in which conscious business practices can largely influence the outcomes of efforts in environmental conservation. His witty and striking arguments were memorable and praiseworthy.

Honourable Mentions

Nick Li, The Effects of Sugar on Your Body, Your Economy, and Your Planet
Carmen Cao, A Senior’s Guide To Youth

Thank you very much for all those who have submitted your extremely innovative and thought-provoking pieces to the IdeasXChange Writing Contest. Please look forward to all of the submissions being published on our online hub in the upcoming school year.

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