The Innovative Society: Catalyzing Change

IdeasXChange launched its first forum of the year, The Innovative Society: Catalyzing Change conference on February 8th, 2017, in collaboration with UBC SEC, as the two worked to emphasize the importance of collaboration, engaging conversations, and innovative thinking. The panelists presented multiple perspectives in which their passions for sustainable and innovative communities helped to foster new experiences and achievements.

Jim Southcott, the first speaker among the panelists, is a senior at Southcott Strategies, specializing in creativity and innovative leadership. His captivating speech brought creativity to the forefront of discussion, underscoring the importance gathering an interdisciplinary team to create about change.

Paola Qualizza is the managing director at Groundswell Education Society, a non-profit organization. She emphasizes the importance of personal and group commitment within a project to induce community building but also the importance of intergenerational learning within the community.

Following the introductory remarks by speakers, Steven Zhang, UBC IdeasXChange Co-Chair moderated a panel discussion and Question & Answer (Q&A) period to discuss the main contributors to innovation. Aside from the speakers introductory remarks, inter-connectivity was a common thread.

Workshop and Case Competition

The primary broad focus groups of the workshop included education, business, and community in which students, alumni, and staff discussed issues surrounding social sustainability. In doing so, it generated interdisciplinary discussion about current global issues that can produce potential for growth for an innovative and sustainable society.

Active engagement in conversation between students and faculty fostered creative chatter within the presentation hall. Discussions allowed for cooperation, as well as collaboration of individuals, where the interactions became the stepping-stone to culturing innovative and sustainable spaces.

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