IdeasXChange is comprised of engaged student and youth leaders from a wide range of academic backgrounds and origins. Our team’s diverse makeup and interdisciplinary structure allows us to explore public policy issues from unique perspectives, making IDX a truly unique organization at UBC.



Miguel A. Rozo

Founder, Lead Advisor

Miguel’s passion to build inclusive and sustainable communities, empower youth, and foster spaces for interdisciplinary thinking, is what led him to found IdeasXChange in 2015. Leading IDX for three years, he now serves as the organization’s Lead Advisor. Miguel is also a TEDx speaker, former G7 youth delegate, UNLEASH global talent, and has a strong background in policy and global affairs. Equally important, he is a seawall biking enthusiast.


Steven Zhang

Managing Director

Steven is a founding member of IdeasXChange, having been part of the organization since their days as Values in Perspective. He genuinely cares about leading change from the grassroots level by empowering his community. Through IdeasXChange, Steven works hard to bring together changemakers from across Vancouver to generate social and economic development.


Rithikha Rajamohan 

Executive Director

Rithikha is a third-year physical geography student who enjoys exploring the forces driving urban change. She currently works in the design, journalism, and non-profit spheres and brings with her a transdisciplinary approach to collaboration.



William Canero

External Director

William is a third-year political science student who is passionate about policy. A veteran campaign fundraiser, William has worked with domestic and international clients such as Red Cross Canada, UNICEF, BC Cancer Foundation and CARE.


Monorme Chaudhury

Outreach Director

Monorme is a second-year sociology student. She is extremely passionate about social issues and absolutely loves to get herself involved with helping others in her community. She loves to spend her free time by writing and binge-watching Netflix shows.



Chantal Gering

Sponsorship Director

Chantal is a second-year fine arts student focused in acting. As a theatre artist who currently works on unceded Coast Salish territories, she is passionate about influencing economic, environmental, and social change through the performing arts; she perceives a need for a cultural shift in society.


Felicity Wang

Assistant Sponsorship Director

Felicity is a second-year finance student. She is also the Director of Finance for the National Strategy Consulting Competition & Conference, VP Finance for External Conferences at UBC CUS, and a teaching assistant. In her free time, Felicity enjoys travelling, reading, and spending time with friends and family.



Yaoyao Pei

Marketing Director

Yaoyao is a third-year international relations student currently obtaining certificates in digital strategy. As an up-and-coming freelance photographer and long-time art enthusiast, she focuses on supporting causes through both data-driven solutions and creative innovation. In particular, her work and research reflect her interest in bridging gaps between technology, policy, and culture.


Alexa Wenzel

Social Media Strategist

Alexa is a second-year arts student planning to study international relations with a minor in commerce. She is passionate about veganism and sustainability, and also works as the executive of external affairs at Vegans of UBC. Alexa is originally from Ohio, but loves living in Vancouver.



Rebecca Xie

Logistics Director

Rebecca is a third-year computer sciene and mathematics student. Her hair colour may change often, but believe it or not, it’s not to cover all her naturally occurring gray hairs.


Mohammed Obaid

Forums Coordinator

Moe is a second year science student passionate about the big questions of physics, but also concerned about how scientific work is discussed amongst the general public. He can be found obsessing over rugby, standup comedy, and the perfect method for scrambled eggs.



Sebastian Lee

Internal Director

Sebastian is a fourth-year kiniesiology student. Born and raised in Vancouver BC, he is particularly concerned with issues regarding climate change and homelessness. Sebastian enjoys playing soccer, metalworking, making noises on his accordion, and reading National Geographic.

Content Creation


Katie Czenczek

Staff Writer

Katie is a third-year creative writing student who believes that the power of words have the ability to create change. She loves Day of the Tentacle, Lebanese food, and a solid 80s rock anthem.


Rain Chen

Graphic Designer

Rain is a third-year architecture student focused on environmental design. She is proficient in the Adobe Creative Cloud, and when she is not working on her designs she enjoys bouldering, dancing, and writing. As the founder of the sustainability initiative Project Imagine UBC, her current biggest project is Get Thrifty, a series of monthly pop-up thrift shops all over UBC campus.