About Us

The rise of technology and growing inequality, coupled with environmental challenges and unsustainable consumption, are just some of the issues that our generation has to grapple with. Yet these unchartered territories present us with unprecedented opportunities to redefine our societies and systems entirely. We believe that the long-term solutions to these challenges lie in collaboration and interdisciplinary learning.

Our story began in 2015 with a simple goal in mind – to connect minds to make a better world. We have now mobilized over 1,500 youth and engaged community members in the Vancouver area to co-create solutions and exchange ideas on solving some of today’s most pressing local and global issues. We have moderated over 18 discussions with 60+ leaders from a variety of fields, ranging from social impact, policy, business, advocacy, among many others.

IdeasXChange is a not-for-profit organization based at UBC’s Vancouver Campus. Our work centres on mobilizing diverse communities through forums, interactive learning workshops, case competitions, and grassroots projects – all with an emphasis on collaboration, interdisciplinary thinking and a systems change approach.

Our passion is to foster spaces for new ideas to thrive, to connect diverse communities and foster cross-disciplinary collaboration.